Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

We decided to spend our last weekend we had on the East Coast with our family.  Tyler’s brother Seth lives in Raleigh, N.C. which is 4 hours south of D.C.  Tyler turned in his badge on Thursday and we left on Friday for Raleigh.  Apparently, everyone else and their mothers decided they were going South for the weekend too and all happened to be on the same route we were.  A trip that normally takes us 4 hours, took us 7.5 hours!  Ugh what.a.nightmare!  Thank god Tyler has a ton of patience and loves traffic…. NOT!!  Oh my goodness, it was such a trip and we were exhausted just from the drive!  We finally made it to Raleigh that evening and had just enough time to watch some t.v. with our sweet nieces, Morgan and Ava, before they had to go to bed.  Saturday morning we headed to the pool and spent most of the afternoon there.  Jennifer and Seth threw a cookout for everyone and served wonderful food.  We spent the night chatting and playing with sparklers, which was a blast. Sunday we went and visited my cousin Doug and his wife Lynette who live near Raleigh.  My aunt Marlene, uncle Bruce, cousin Laura, cousin Mary and her husband Braden with their 3 adorable kids were there for the weekend as well.  We had a great time eating yummy barbeque and popping fireworks in their backyard.   Monday we went to dinner at Tyler’s Taproom with Jenn’s family and had some 4th of July cupcakes for dessert at the house.  The sky proceeded to get darker and darker throughout dinner and as soon as we got home, it poured.  Little Morgan was not a happy camper because this of course ruined any of the fireworks for the evening.  Tuesday morning we were up bright and early to hit the road.  We had a ton of last minute things to get done in D.C before I headed back to work on Wednesday.  We got a ton of things accomplished that day and even had time to head to the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens that was recommended by a friend.  It was a beautiful place but we didn’t spend much time there because it was hotter than hell and we were pretty tired from all of the running around we had done.  All in all it was a great last long weekend to spend on the East Coast!  

I snagged this pic from my aunt Marlene because we didn't take a single picture the whole weekend :(