Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby boy has a name!

Daegan Wade Prior

Since the beginning of our relationship Tyler and I knew we wanted to name our future son Logan.  Logan Wade Prior to be exact and our second boy would be named Liam Daegan (which doesn’t sound that great now that I am repeating it back to myself).  Once we were pregnant we started second guessing our name choices.  We knew the middle name was definitely going to be Wade because that is Tyler’s middle name and his grandfather’s first name.  We started discussing Logan but I felt like everywhere I turned I saw that name.  Too many people are naming their child Logan these days and the same goes for Liam.  We also couldn’t use the name Liam because my cousin and his wife just named their son Liam and we couldn’t have that.  We decided that we wanted something different for a name, something not so common.  We don’t want our kids growing up having the same name as a two or three of their classmates.  We searched and searched and tossed many names around but just couldn’t find that perfect name.  Tyler came in one day and asked “What about Daegan?”.  Ofcourse!  Why didn’t we think of that before?!? We wanted to use it as a middle name for our second boy (assuming we have one) but thought it would be the perfect first name for our first son.  So Daegan Wade Prior is the final answer and we are sticking to it! 


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