Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby has furniture!

Lots of people call Okinawa the “2 baby duty station”.  I thought it was funny at first but after being here almost 3 months I have realized that it may be true…. there are babies everywhere!  That being said, baby furniture it very scarce so you need to grab it while you can.  You can only really buy furniture from the military bases because the furniture out in town definitely does not live up to the safety standards we have in America.  For a while we were checking the furniture store on a regular basis and their baby furniture continually said “Out of Stock”.  About a month and a half ago we went to the furniture store and they had stuff in stock!  We couldn’t afford to wait because we weren’t sure how long it would be before the next shipment came in so we grabbed everything we needed!  We bought a crib with mattress, changing table, glider with ottoman, highchair, and had to order a dresser (which had an estimated shipping date of about 2 months).  We immediately put together the highchair but everything else sat in our storage room for a few weeks while we were waiting on some mattress covers to cover some mattresses we had so that we could put them in storage nice and protected and not have them get all yucky.  We put the mattresses away and decided to put the furniture together on our long holiday weekend (Columbus Day).  We had a great time working together and LOVE the finished products :) I can’t wait to get the bedding and to start decorating the nursery!  

Working hard

So proud!

Putting the crib together

matching changing table

safety first!

finishing the glider

Relaxing.... sitting and taking pics takes a lot out of a pregnant lady ;)

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